"Gladiators" is the nineteenth episode of Season 2 of Ellen and the show's thirtieth episode overall. It originally aired on March 1, 1995 on ABC.


At Adam's advice, Ellen reluctantly becomes a contestant on the TV sports show "American Gladiators." She becomes smitten with fellow gladiator Nitro, whom Adam tries to bond with.

But on the day of the competition, Ellen becomes fighting mad when her female combatant, Ice, ruins her budding romance with Nitro.

Meanwhile, Audrey decides to sue Paige after they collide with each other's cars, and Joe tries to be more kind to the customers after receiving a hateful note from an unknown regular customer.


  • Ellen DeGeneres as Ellen Morgan
  • Joely Fisher as Paige Clarke
  • David Anthony Higgins as Joe Farrell
  • Arye Gross as Adam Green
  • Clea Lewis as Audrey Penney
  • Danny Lee Clark as Nitro (credited as 'Dan Clark')
  • Lori Fetrick as Ice
  • Jackie Roberts as Debbie (credited as 'Jackie Mari Roberts')
  • Mike Adamle as Himself
  • Raymond Forchion as Customer #2
  • W. Earl Brown as Customer #3
  • Jeffrey Lampert as Customer #1
  • Connie Needham as Waitress
  • Lee Reherman as Hawk
  • Jeff Sanders as Contestant
  • Tom Billett as American Gladiator
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